This is too good not to share.


There’s a new iPad game out there (you may have seen it featured on the Ellen show) called Heads Up, and it’s basically just Taboo with no cards and a fun spin where you put an iPad up against your head.


I was at work and a co-worker came in, and since he is a bit of a movie guy I wanted to play the movie pack with him. Basically, I put the iPad up to my head, a movie title is listed and it’s his job to get me to guess it without saying any words in the title. This is what happened.


Mike: “Oh, it’s uh, um, Danny Glover…”

Me: “Lethal Weapon.”

Mike: “No, it’s like with the aliens and he’s running around…”

Me: “…”

Mike: “Yeah, with the guy with the tentacles coming out of his face…”

Me: “Predator … 2?”

Mike: “No, the first one.”

Me: “Jeez … couldn’t have just said “Schwarzenegger” and “jungle?”

Mike: “Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t in Predator.”

Me: “You’re kidding, right?”

Mike: “Was he? [Takes out his phone to Google]”

Me: “Wait. You’ve not only never seen Predator, but think that Predator 2 is the only Predator?”

Mike: “I guess…”

Me: “You are not leaving this room until you watch Predator.”


At this point, I launched¬†and found Predator on Encore Play. He watched the next thirty minutes in silence while I finished up some work. Jesus…



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